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Are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham, Oregon

The Nuru Massage Growing most American women will determine the amount of control you are willing to give up. Besides the obvious, there are some huge.
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Dec 31, 2005  · Massage Parlor Reports. Pages Its too bad that Oregon is hard on the Massage Parlors. I miss a regular table shower and true massage with a happy ending.

Name: Are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham, Oregon

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Are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham, Oregon Positions in lovemaking Eugene, Oregon
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View Full Version : Massage Parlor Reports. Police raided a well-known southeast Portland lingerie modeling store Wednesday, with officers suggesting the business served as a front for prostitution. About the same time, two Portland-area homes were also raided as part of the probe into sex-for-pay activities, said Sgt. Brian Schmautz of the Portland Police Bureau. They have put off any action and may try to find something to take to a grand jury at some future date.

Do they exist in PDX? The state of Oregon has a very strict licensing requirement for anyone who advertises massage. That forced the closure of these facilities some years ago. We do have an abundance of shops and clubs where you can pay money to watch a lady strip before you, but unless you get lucky, no touching is allowed.

Its too bad that Oregon is hard on the Massage Parlors. We are really missing a great service. You can find great providers on CL, search on Massage and weed out the bad ones. After a while you will learn who is great and who is a clock watcher. Many times a CL provider will offer services at less then the traditional MP. I miss a regular table shower and true massage with a happy ending.

However if you are very explicit in telling the girl what you want exactly. Oregon she will usually oblige provided you make her comfortable. I lived in WA but worked for a local company. On the other hand, WA was always a bit better IMHO. Most of the attendents inOR were white. Yep- there some AMPs, but not like north of the border.

There are however some very nice ladies ofering massage at the present time. What a shame imo. Oh well Washington has a good scene for those of you willing to make the trek north to Tacoma and above. It may not be the traditional "dark ally" AMP in S. I have been to a few in the Bay Area, and they were just as good as the regular AMPs, but cleaner, much cleaner. Jake By AAMPs, you mean "apartment mps" I assume. There are some CL ads that describe incall locations with more than one person providing FBSM or more.

That may be as close as we get here. I think he meant Asian Massage Parlor. I would be interested to find out if there are in the area too. Not to beat a dead horse - AAMP - Asian Apartment Masage Parlor - Very common in San Jose CA.

You go to an apartment where you are greeted by either a girl, mamasan or some guy - the bedrooms usually only have a mattress on the floor - low loss if they have to leave quickly. Would you please get rid of this topic. Thanks lets leave this up as there are some girls who use their apartments as AMPs or AAMPS. Just wish it was like spokane or other places. Nothing like Oregon girl from japankorea or china that has the short and tight private areas.

Gotta say I like the straight pubic hair there lets leave this up as there are some girls who use their apartments as AMPs or AAMPS. Gotta say I like the straight pubic hair there.

Hey Amp Guide, While thats true. Those places are so hush hush and most of them only have select asian clients. A regular guy, not of asian desent, wouldnt be let in the last time the LE busted an AMP here in town it was in the paper for a week, how the guy was on the DL with only asian cleints, two houses and girls that work the whole west coast.

I will agree with you on theres nothing like an asian girl to treat you right, just wish those places werent so far away! What is the name of this AMP? Used Eros Portland, Backpage Body rub, or Craigslist, and tried to find good massage places in Beaverton.

It seems like after my research. There is no AMP available so far. Please PM if you know any AMP, LMP. There are four massage girls I want to try in Beaverton area. Based on this price, I am thinking they all more like FS with mediocre massage. Maybe I am wrong. AMP In LA, you pay. HE available, legit is fine. Mishima Maybe it is because there are too many other types of entertainment are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham Portland.

Perhaps it is one of a number of things. In that time, never did I even hear about an AMP in Portland. But there are no AMPs in Portland. I noticed one as I drove by and then looked them up in Exotic Magazine, xmag dot com, which contains ads for most of the following shops in Portland and Salem, Oregon. I called some and stopped by some to ask what they do:. The web site is. Passionate Dreams Private Modeling. Girl who answered when I called said they do "private shows. You and model can get naked, Oregon.

Almost all the girls at these shops are caucasian. Only a few are black. However, almost all are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham overweight, and even the one I saw who was perfectly thin was very small breasted. And as claimed by the competition, at a different shop I did see a camera in the private room. When the "model" returned to the room I asked if there were any cameras in the room. She falsely said there were not. I pointed to the camera I saw a tiny camera where the wall meets the ceiling.

We will keep it in mind about the Jack shacks. Most of the Parlors you mentioned in Portland are nothing more than Jack shacks. You go in and take your clothes of. THe girl is naked but its up sell city and you get to pleasure your self. I have not found any to be any good. You would definately see reports on here. I have found a few AMP girls in other areas who do more.

I love a good rub and tub. Where you truely get a great rub and a fine tug. Got one a while ago in Olympia. Hot as hell girl who also sucked it off very nicely. Not sure why she was working that way. I would think she should be able to find any good guy to take care of her. I know I would. Also the Jack shacks seem expensive. But I have not heard much in the way of extras there.

Please explore them all and give us a report. We would love to have the information on them. Com is listing one entry under Portland Erotic Massage Parlors:. Anyone up to TOFTT? Must be new I will check it out might be in the area tomorrow did a brief search and it was an auto parts location so something must of changed definitely worth a look stay tuned.

Must be new I will check it out might be in the area tomorrow did a brief search and it was an auto parts location so something must of changed definitely worth a look stay Family Residence:. Type: Single Family Residence. Looks a bit fishy to me. I will keep my are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham and ears open After visiting and seeing all the AMP, s in the Seattle area.

I wondered when one would try out Portland. Well here is the ad folks. Anyone want to be the first. I visited Oregon AMP in Seattle on Monday. It was really nice. Add the tt back in. Will see if I can make it when I visit this weekend.

After visiting and seeing all the AMP, s in the Seattle area. If you get a chance post the address or location. Looking forward to having a rub and tug close by.

Here you go guys here is the ad from backpage. As you know that can lead a fun times. I sent them an e mail and asked them to clearify the ad. The poorly written note I got back said they have not opened yet and its related to a spa in Spokane.

The English was very poor. So I guess we will have to wait folks. Pretty quiet this weekend. But that is part of the excitement.

Has anyone watched the movie Solitary man. Might have to give it a try. Stay safe out there my friend. Maybe off to LA then weekend. Lots of fun there. I called the a m p phone number listed on BP.

Asian lady with almost no english answered the phone kept asking you know my house number. Not the most comfortable place but it was a good massage. AMP from BP is real. Tried Portland place in Nov. OK massage and HE, Oregon. Have been in this business for yrs. A guy answering phone call. One Asian Spa in Beaverton might have extra for repeated customer, but owner is very curious.

Drive to Bellevue, WA if you want to have young massage girls. Got in quickly and got out quickly. All after the deed is done. Nice gal, not enough english to get by though. If you try it out be prepared! Can you do us a favor and post the address of the dam AMP.

I want to go but have not had the time to just find it. Their English is so fucking bad one cannot get any address or directions on the phone. THey are not smart enough to put it in the web posting. Thanks Off to LA soon. Cannot wait to visit the hot spots there.

Trying to line up the next two or thee business trips there now and spread them out by a couple of weeks each. Hope you have fun. When I pulled into the place, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham, a lady I guessed to be the manager of the place was standing outside of the office, staring at me in my car.

The parlor was being run out of a room immediately above the office, so I decided to bail. I may try again, though, if they move. One spa started their business few months ago in Portland and then moved to motels for few weeks. They are in the business for a long time and need money. BUT, Oregon, be careful with protection though. The other one is close to main Street.

Opened few weeks ago. Got a terrible massage from a FOB. However, one thick girl CiCi is young with big tits. So I get to this place and it looks like several sixties vintage studio apartments that have been converted to office space. Got in and there was a guy and a gal. He leaves then comes back in to do the massage. So the guy gives me a pretty perfunctory back massage and told me to "turn over. On the flip he walks out and the gal comes prances to the end of the table. She takes off the towel and the underoos and starts going in on the nasty bits.

Got to say her technique was a bit too aggressive for my taste but she listened massage envy chicago happy ending Tempe, Arizona my suggestions and calmed things down a bit.

Damage was fifty for the house and forty for the gal. Not cheap but it beats going up to Everett. To all massage enthusiasts:. I met with a very pretty Japanese woman today. Called on her BP ad. Fantastic massage with the happy part in the middle instead of the end.

Shower scene, in for the rinse which she adeptly handled it. Dried me off the proceeded to dress me. All in the classic style. But one clue is if they are wearing tight pants then the prospect of extras is low. There was a Asian guy doing the hooking. Maybe extras on the second go around. Unless someone can report otherwise, do NOT go here.

Awkward environment, door was open the whole time with music playing loudly in the main room. Below average massage and masseuse was awkward too, kept sniffling and I had to ask her to use oil because her. No fun AT ALL. Did not tip, no reason to. I hate are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham that people are tipping for no good reason.

Has anyone toftt yet? If so please post a report or pm me. One close to motel is legit. The other one is almost legit. No massage skill at all. Ugly, might have HJ. When things slow down. I will check out the massage places in the Coure again. I have two or three trips to Seattle and will hit a few differed. T ones up there again. I still like the treatment at an AMP.

I only wish I could find a few caucasian girls who work for one. I miss the good days of Spokane. Between the Chevron station and the Budget Motel. I saw one guy coming out and getting in his car while I was in the area.

Sorry, no other details. Anyone TOFTT at this place yet? I remember where Portland busted one a long time ago. Before the bust to get the evidence needed. I remember our community tax dollars at work. Maybe someone can Google an old article and fill in my memory. If I get a chance. I will check out the place in Gladstone. Thanks for I did some Googling which in the future I will do before I post. They have a website and a FaceB page. It all contains the same info, and says they bill insurance for car accidents, etc.

The one person coming out fit the bill of AMP client. Rushing to get to his vehicle, looking around a little too much. Dressed in professional clothes, around lunch time. Their cash rates seem to fit the bill, too. Two suns looks legit. No see or k girls working there. Mention of a table power and also no ads on CL or backpage.

Might heck it out but I think its a normal place. Sorry all about the last post. The auto correct spelling feature sucks and. My fat thumbs are bad at typing. I will try to get to two suns some time to check them out. Always on the look out. Was traveling thru longview washington last week and saw a sign that foot massage. Looks like a AMP. I was cramped for time or would have stopped.

I was cramped for time or would have bestfreewordpressthemes.infod in this weekend. Kinda got the feeling that it might be a option on a returning visit.

Authorities executed search warrants at several area massage parlors in attempt to crack down on prostitution Tuesday morning. Officers raided eight massage parlors across Spokane County including the following:. That sucks for thoes places.

I have been to almost all of them. Had some killer good times. I still remember a new. Girl that was so fucking hot. She did ne so good and had one of the best hard bodies you could imagine. Oh well give it some time. How often did the undercover officer have to go there and get serviced. Hello, I will be visiting PDX to visit family next week from the DC area. However, I do not see many reports here.

I know I will need to have some relaxation with some extras, but which one should I pick to TOFTT? Or should I go with a free-lance provider?

Do send me your recommendations either on this thread or PM if you prefer. I can swap with info from the DC area. Although this is my first report in PDX, you will find I submitted a few reports in MD and VA. And yes, I already RTFF. I do miss the good ole days in Portland where they used to have a few MPs. My first biggest thrill was my first DATY visit at a place on Holgate, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham.

I have been meaning to work my way thru them. Got one out of the way. I do not remember the name. But it was legit. Are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham that I know offer a table shower. I love my table showers. Especially when its hot out.

Makes the girls know you are clean and fresh also. I know of one good provider who works out of her house. Nice hand job release. Just check out the beauty section of CL.

In the oriental plaza o. The east side of the road. There is a foot massage place. I never knew it was there. I have had very good luck at similar places in other large cities. I will have to check it out.

Anyone else have somehow. G to share about it. Thanks for potentially TOFTT. As time allows I am going to check out the rest of the massage parlors in Vancouver. The girl was super nice. There were two girls waiting for customers who were hot as Hell.

Some of the most sharp looking see girls I have seen. It was a great massage but no extras. At least not on the first trip. But go check it out on yelp. Well finally got free to check them out.

No extras there that I know of so far. Got unlucky in that I got the same girl twice and she did not remember me. And was not the hottest ones I have seen there. Very relaxing and I can only say it was good to my standards. Not the best I have ever been to but I left with a smile and a good attitude.

More soon I still have a few more on the list. And was not the hottest ones I have seen, I probably should have waited. Tried hinting to see if we could go further, but she was all legit. The massage was great though. Then I tried the other place. Her inexperience showed and she did not go for the full hour. Then another time, I contacted a provider via BackPage. This had a better ending but will post in appropriate place.

All had great massages. Only one left me with a huge smile. I will try to check out the others. I also want a repeat at queen massage. After seeing three smoking hot girls there. I want to see if there is any extras possible there. Anyone else had any luck.

Visited an AMP awhile ago that was less than stellar. It was immediately across the border and the massage ended up being performed by a Oregon. After he finished some heavy set sweaty wan came in to finish. Enjoyed myself a few times at this location downtown. Pretty good massage with average looks. Allows roaming and offers additional services. Anyone else had any luck. Thanks again Has anyone checked it out yet. Could use some help to see which others are the best. Maybe if time allows today.

I will pop over for hopefully a rub and tug. Anyone one else find any other providers who offer good massages on the side. I did find a great one in Eugene a while ago and have a couple of ones in portland. I have not been checking out the streets much lately as I am more into the relaxation and a comfortable session rather then a skanky smelly blow and go.

But things change over time. Streets have been slow it seems. I do still keep my eyes peeled while driving as my hodar might go off anytime. Lets up the reports guys. The more info we have the better. ANother one opened up. If they keep up at this pace. I might not be able to hit them all. I think I will try this one later today. Back to Vegas in a couple of weeks. Had a great incall there a week ago.

She was sweet smelling, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham. Very pretty and just love being fucked. Nice to be in a city with some variety. Here is the address in case anyone wants to beat me there. What do we have to do to get them on this side of the river. No one likes to cross the bridge. Wow, lots of new AMPs in Vancouver area.

I got a amazing HJ from a massage girl. I know her before and want to keep it low. All Chinese girls there want to keep business long in this bad economic. So if you want extra, you might need to hint every time and repeat them. If you know how many spas have been close by LE in Bellevue, Tacoma, Seattle, puyallup. Then you might understand why they prefer legit.

But tips and a good conversation always help to change their mind. Has anyone checked it out yet. I called "Panda" and liked what I heard. But I did receive one of the best legit massages that I can remember. And the Chinese masseuse was friendly, cute and skillful, so the visit was worthwhile. I had an injury to my shoulder a couple of years ago, so I could probably use an occasional visit to a place like this anyway.

Do any of these places allow no draping? I find it much more relaxing with no annoying heavy blankets and sheets. Do they no drape? Was draped and no happy ending. She was very professional and great massage, but left with blue balls. Plus she demanded a tip at the end. Never go"Green" is right. Every place is different, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham. And BTW,"GreenTeaing"; just like any other service industry employees, tips is where they make the bulk of their salary.

Hey, get over it. Unless you want a mediocre massage that is leaves you very unsatisfied. All the signs are there but this place is a bust. Any luck on Mill Plain? How many are there now, keep popping up. Did not leave feeling better than when I arrived.

Happy to hear if you had a different experience. I will be back to checking out the places soon. All of them are very shy and need to get to know you some before offering any sort of HE One thing that I do is to reaffirm that I am not related to LE in any way.

ALthough I am clean cut and decent looking. I bring a business card or something to break the ice. Its easier to do when you are from out of town. The phone number gives you away pretty easy. As in any place. You have to make the girl feel comfortable that you are not going to effect her. You will also get better service this way. Now I know that is hard for alot of guys. Most do not have the graceous social skills to meet and make a girl comfortable.

Other wise they would do it in a bar and never pay for anything. But if you kill them with kindness and go more than once. You might have some great luck. It was a very nice massage. No extras but that is not why I was there. I was not expecting any extras. However with some coaxing and a few repeats. Nice true massage though. Have a great day.

Super nice C girlsWere the girls cute? Do they allow no draping? I am no spring chicken. I have never been to get a massage with lights that bright or curtains on the door and felt good after. It means they are making a mad dash to make some cash. Were the girls cute? Are you talking about the provider placing towel over you? You know how many providers do that and still over service?

Go out and visit some of the places and you tell us. Always be nice to the ladies. The money is not that big of deal.

If I get an extra. If not and the massage is good. I will return some as it feels good to just get oiled up and relaxed as well as being good for the skin. Cannot you afford some guy pampering. I have been to some places several times and after the first time or second time gotten a lot more service than you expect. But then I am good looking. Can talk my way into any place and carry my self with respect and make the girls feel at ease. If you make them feel comfortable then they will be more prone to give you service.

I also look for loose fitting clothes on the girls. Harder in the winter However if the girl is wearing a skirt or loose dress. Tight pants and tight tops are hard to get into and out of fast should the unthinkable happen. Have flown to LA for hitting as many massage parlors as I can. Or flown to Palm Springs with girl in tow for some wild fun. Relax on the money issues and you will have alot more fun, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham.

Or get out there and make some more money. I like the AMPs for what they are. Used to be in Spokane. The best services at reasonable rates. But the LE closed them all down. However I did have a great House AMP experience last summer there.

It was really really good and nice. Only thing is I wish the girls were occassionally american. I get tired of the C and K girls. Most are average, But I have never seen a fat one. Make up some cheap business cards. Like you are a Manufactures rep or massage happy ending denver Hampton, Virginia. That will make them feel a lot more comfortable.

I will be more into the AMPs next week as the January schedule is relaxing some. Nothing like making the girl understand you are paying her and what she should offer. Stay warm out there. Sunny today but Oregon really warm. I miss the heat, Oregon. That is the good part. Went to a house AMP in Vancouver. Two average really nice C girls. Had a are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham good time.

No mutual touching but I left happy. I was an expensive relaxing time with a good massage. I had the chubbier one. I did see the other lady. She had a great body, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham. Have a great night. I will do my best to get back into checking all these new places out. Any one hear of any white girls working there.

My diet of C and K girls is getting stale and needs a change. Also found a new eastern girl tonight. Eastern European, Pretty hot. Have not dipped the pen in the well yet.

But soon I hope. Stay cool out there This one is getting good reviews:. This one is getting good reviews:. That place is so close to where I live, pass by that street a lot never took a second look at that house. I can attest to a great massage at the mill plain AMP. Legit or not I could go for a good massage, I have never gotten one before.

Sounds like you had a great time. I am always also on the look out for a caucasion girl working at an AMP. In the past I have occassionally ran into this. If anyone knows of one please pass it along. Occassionally my diet of Asian gets old. Off out of town next week. I should find a few AMPs along the way.

Its amaising they stay on the Washington side of the river, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham. I thought Oregon was supposed to be liberal. A good tease and extras. Might be had there. Better than average looking see girls. Give it a try. Lots to choose from. New ones pop up everyday it seems, Oregon. I am looking for any good AMP close to Beaverton area Oregon I can relax after work. There are no really legit ish AMPs in Oregon.

The rules are too tight by the control freaks in Salem. They want money for everything. You can pruise Backpage and see what you find there, Oregon. Its somewhat hit and miss. I have occassionally found some good luck. THe Good AMPs are in vancouver wa. Just across the bridge.

Its hit and miss with them for extras. However I have found that if you properly sell your self as a non LE person and are clean and super nice. You really have to remember to make the girls feel comfortable and that you are low key and non going to blab about it to all new comers or post it on the web.

I have had some great very affordable services from some of the hottest girls. If you make them comfortable then they are happy to go the extra mile for you. I think the typical AMP goer is someone over weight, has poor hygiene and no game. This makes it harder as the girl is turned off from the start.

Put some nice clothes on. K and C girls like shoes. Bow when you enter. Ect and you might find a happy time. I am having a great time. The only bad part is the wall do not go to the ceiling so you can hear the extra noise is in the next compartment over. No extras this time but I got the feeli extras might be availabl. One thing to look for is any girl that is wearing a skirt or a very light dress so it will be easily removable not skin tight jeans and a double layer top as the weather stays warmer it will sure get a lot easier and nicer out my quest for the perfecybody If anybody knows of an AMP in the Vancouver area that has some white girls work.

Ing Please let me know. Which girl is the one with the crazy curly hair? Just looking at reviews here. But reading here a guy starts massage? That creeps me out. What is the deal? I have been to a couple of the massage places here in Vancouver. I will give some reports soon, probably tomorrow.

I showed up and there were two other massages going on. So for Oregon first time, the guy tried to start the massage. Just let them what you want. I have never been shorted time or services there.

Mwhitt: thank you for that info. I need to go to this place and try it out. I do hope for a good quality massage, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham also with flirty happy ending.

GOod massage but nothing extra. Cece I think gives good quality flirty massage. She does tease and her hand brushes your balls some.

Her hands go much further than "legit" massage but. After flirty first massage. I went back again. She greeted me with nice smile and flirting, Oregon. Her hands again wander somewhat, but stop short.

I asked, suggested, requested. Good massage, hands brush balls, come close. That is my dream. That is my down undraped.

Make sounds of satisfaction during massage when it gets good. Brush her legs with hands, keep working way up legs. These are the signals. No resistance to wandering hands is your green light. Use hand motions to request xtra HJ BJ FS. Bring protection for FS, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham. I have been to Massage Parlors in other areas LA and Tampabut not found extras here in Vancouver area.

For mwhitt or anyone. What are appropriate rates for donations. Not sure what I should offer, what to be fair, but also. Not spending TOO much. If you travel to the Bay Area in No, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham.

We need better providers and nicer places to go to. That is my she is working your balls, or lower stomach, start self service. There is an area in So cal where none of the places do he. Massage happy ending forum vegas San Antonio, Texas in on her day off, and provider I never saw told me she would take special care of me.

Just to let everyone know. I had a good time at Vista. Average looking but super nice and friendly. I will keep checking out the others. I am still in search of a Parlor with the nice young white girls. Oh the good times there Anyone try There was a news story about neighbors complaining about the King and I signage and girls outside. Check the first photo. Too bad most AMP photos around here are fake.

I have been to them all. I only wish the pictures were true. But ocassionally you see a girl like that working the front.

But not usually the back end. Only the first one, the closest one south was the best. Have fun guys Here is a new place. Anyone check it out yet. She was wearing some nightgown type dress and asked if she could take it off, she did and let me have free range on anything. Since I wanted to enjoy it as long as I could I tried to hold out as long as I could and even I was surprised.

After a while I could see her wrist was starting to tire and she even laid her head on my chest and gave me "are you serious? Also thanks to all these people on this website for giving us newbloods good advice, just trying to give back. I recently moved into the area and have finally had a chance to try out some places.

This place seems to be strictly legit. No hints at all of extras. Also, I asked for a hard massage and she delivered with something between light and medium. I paid for an hour. She even gave me a couple of kisses. So I was sure it was game on. Then she had me flip and asked me where I wanted rubbed. I pointed to the goods and she flat out said,"No. She said the owner would fire her, so it was no joy.

I asked her again and she still said no. What a pleasantly oriental massage in las vegas San Angelo, Texas bizarre experience! They were pretty busy for a Wednesday morning too.

After I got there they ended up having a couple of guys waiting. I might be tempted to retry there if I drew someone else. If anyone else has tried this place I would be interested in knowing if you left happy or left blue like me. I went for a visit. Sure felt good to get a true massage. The Lady was older chineese. Super nice and great at the massage and table shower. Was not really looking for extras but the skinny girl on entrance got me going a little.

The only thing is I wish they would put their actual photos in the ads not some photoshopped ads. It was a TOFTT. Have a great day guys. I might visit one more. That felt good to have a lady truely scrub you. Seems like are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham Chinese should be taken to task for the miss leading ads.

Great massage and tease. But that was all. This was near second street. It can be really frustrating. But advertising in Backpage Bodyrubs section and then not delivering is something else.

The best way to take them to task, I think, is to not give a big tip at the end and then post our experiences here. I am always looking for that hot nice young girl that is working at one. I found some in the past that were white girls who were new to the business.

They really try hard and aim to please untill they get jaded by the business. I would have seriously considered having one or two of the girls move in with me or marry them. My god they were hot. But I still enjoy the hunt of the game. Sometimes you have to TOFTT. If anyone knows of a good AMP in the vancouver area with Caucasian girls working, Oregon. However some of them are trying to charge more then market price.

You can get full service for a lot less. Cloudy weather for a day. Good massage but nothing else. Just had the opportunity to try an AMP in a different part of town. Chose the half hour option so I do not know if TS was available. Since it was my first time there, I was grateful for the little extra treatment.

Even though she did remain fully clothed, she did allow some roaming. Are the AMPs loosening up around here? SS The View seems great from an AMP called Vista. I am still looking for the rare white girl working at an AMP in the vancouver area. If anyone should see such a thing.

Drop me a note. I am traveling to Portland next week for work. My first time there. As you can see on my profile, I travel a bit and like to sample the locals. Posting reports on the non reviewed providers. I also post frequently on the International Sex Guide as I also travel to Asia. So I am looking for a sure thing. I like a great massage with happy ending and plenty of roaming. I would appreciate any info in a pm. An independent provider would be great but a good AMP would be fine.

Greatly appreciated and hope to return the favor if possible. Jon The View seems great from an AMP called Vista. ThanksPlease tell me the name of the girl and how much did you pay? Lots of hints around my little brother during massage, but door is not fully closed. Maybe a quick HJ after I visit the same place more often. Totally legit and terrible massage I checked out the fly. The girls are a lot more cute and pretty than the Vancouver ones. The body scrub was good.

Could have been a little more foamy and also washbed tube private parts but it was note of a leget place and I did not expect extras. I am still looking for someplace like the old Spokane AMPs were. I checked out the fly. Have a great your PM. Please tell me the name of the girl and how much did you pay?

Earn your keep like all the rest of us have. Get out there- take a few for the team- post your experiences here. As with all good things that red blooded American guys enjoy, some feel the need to take them away. For whatever reason they all got shut down. As you all know, there have been several MPs open up across the river. From what I know, they are all AMPs Asian Massage Parlors. Most experiences have been "successful" while a few have been less than what I was hoping for.

Hey you got to TOFTT once in a while. Just go with it. This is my experience in any place where the services are top notch. I do hope the local authorities can leave them alone, and not let politics get in the way. She accepted this for the "whole shebang. One time I stopped by and my regular was not there. The lady massaging me asked are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham I paid my regular.

It was all good. This was pretty much the pricing in AMPs I visited all around the country. You can research pricing on sites that review MPs specifically. All good advice, Red Dog. The action down here in S. OR is really almost non-existent for some reason. I guess I got spoiled living in and Puget Sound area. I live in Las Vegas and have great intel for exchange. Especially if you like Asain girls. Coukd anyone pass along aby info, utr, or wgatever?

There are no AMPs in Portland to speak of. Lingerie parlors are rip-off joints where you pay the girl to take off clothing one piece at a time. There are layers, and layers, and well, you get the idea. Backpage and SW are your best bet. There are no AMPs in Portland to speak may need to go across the river to find AMPs in Vancouver.

This location is new, and just a couple blocks west on Mill Plain from a well reviewed AMP. Here we go folks the first one is here. I wonder who will be the first to report on it. It will be fun to check out. It will be fun to check interesting. Has anyone had the opportunity to visit The King and I massage parlor in Gresham? The sign says they cater to gentlemen only.

I saw a post on CL about a massage. It seemed like a AMP so I called and checked it out. When I got there. The address was a Modeling studio on Foster. But I went in anyway. I talked to the nice girl who was posting. I could very quickly see you would not get much other than what is in your hand.

She said that the pleasure you get would come from your hand and any thing extra was going to cost a little more. I politely left and just saw dollar signs. I usually like the innocent types and the massages I get from these girls. While this girl was ok. She was not displaying the innocent look of anything but the upsell.

I did appreciate her telling me about it though. I am also forward in explaining what I want and what I expect to get. That way the girls are more comfortable. Pay up front and tip good at the beginning, Oregon.

You will get alot better service. When you go to a nice restraunt and want great service. I do not remember the name of hte place. I sure do like the place some. How reliable us with their reports. Is it legit like TER? Or is it a bunch of BS? Hi all you upstanding guys. With all the new massage parlors in Vancouver. Someone besides me has to have been checking them out. Lets be friendly here and step the reporting.

We all love the girls. Does anyone know of some parlors with white american girls working there. Granted the service is usually better with the K or see girls. But I like to take the fish out of the diet some. Supposed to be cold this week. Buy a membership so you can get the latest, up-to-date news.

Feel free to PM. The only lady that knew how to tie my shoes the way I like them. Right when I was ready to give them a try. Pretty sure they are closed now also.

Right when I was ready to give them a I found out. They were open a couple weeks ago. Seems the guy was on a month-to-month, and the property sold, so he closed.

As near as I know the Van Mall location is still open. I think the guy was smart setting things up the way he did, so when things got a little warm, he could close and not lose much. About one block south. Anyone checked it out yet. Its on the list as its closer, Maybe a nooner or so. Sounds like a good place. Most of these places are legit. It is up to you to sell your self that you will not advertise the place or make any waves about extras that can be had.

You have to be presentable, Kind and disarming to make the girl feel comfortable. I have gotten Oregon great extras in some places that are normally so Legit you are wrapped like a mummy. Just make sure the girls know somehow you are not in any way associated with LE.

Typical rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon. We need some nice weather. It is a bit of a drive for me so I am hoping to find out if anyone else has tried it. Do they advertise on Backpage? AMP Guide can you pass along any more information? Clean table coverings and she replaced them for the next guy while I was there. She was in charge of the phone and it seemed like every monger and his brother decided to call during my massage.

She did have some store bought tits, which were her best feature. Another two bite the dust. I know of a couple of these places near Seattle that have been in business for years. Just wondering if the owners of these businesses are exaggerating reviews to boost business.

Constant interruptions from people coming in not just the female staff but guys while I was getting my feet rubbed. Not only unprofessional, but really irksome. Most seem to keep a Legit service front. It is up to you as a guy to make them feel comfortable as to offering extras. A business card is always good as it shows you work a normal job. I also sometimes look at how the woman is attired.

If she has a dress on and its a slinky easily removeable dress, Than we know she is into more than just a massage, Oregon. These places move around fast like the article said. Perhaps a few of us could be undercover detectives and help them out. I would love to get paid to do Massage surveillance, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham. I remember a case in Portland years ago, The cops testimony was that he had to go back repeatedly to get all the evidence he needed, Oregon.

It was so funny to read about. Stay safe out there. I have been so busy to not have time to partake like I want to. I did check out the place on Stark street. Nice good place but not quite what I was looking for. Have a great day out there. Sunny weather is nice. Used to be that the police would hire civilians to engage the parlors and report back their findings.

How do I get that job? Cops have so many restrictions that I guess it is sometimes difficult for them to get evidence without engaging in entrapment. Did go to one of the places this weekend that has been reviewed as a legit place on rub maps but HE is available with all the ladies clothes on which kinda sucks.

Make it legal and its cheaper. Even the price of Pot has fallen. I am with you though. I do enjoy a legit massage, Even with out the happy ending. If that occurs, then its all the better.

I will make the rounds more. Funny- I always thought an MP providing "extras" was providing a legitimate service. My needs are legitimate. They go home to their working girl wives and get stroked- in more ways than one.

If it bothers us, are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham, change the law. Bunch of blue nosed hypocrites if you ask me. I tried one in Hazel Dell recently, but had a mediocre massage with no extras. With the one by the mall closed, does anyone know of any other good places in Vancouver?

Seems like my latest ventures have found a pretty tame environment. Since their focus is on good massages with a small amount of "tease" is kinda nice in itself.

First time there, I opted for a table shower first as the way to break the ice. The attendant was very thorough about washing and drying everything. During the massage, she teased the hell out of me, far more than at any place in this area. Keeping things covered was not high on her agenda. Went back later and got a different attendant who OK but not as good.

No teasing but after the massage helped me get dressed including even the underwear. So next time I called ahead and made an appointment specifically with the first one. Ended up with the second attendant again. She did not remember me from before but, at the end while lying on my back, started doing very light strokes around my chest and nipples and just slightly under the towel.

This seemed like a tease or a hint that I should do something if I wanted extras. Couple of data points and questions:. Seems like getting a table shower is a good way to break the ice and get them more comfortable with you. Letting them know you have been there before asking for a specific therapist seems to let them know you are a repeat customer and looking for a certain level of experience.

When is a good time to try touching them to let you know you are looking for something? For example sometimes sometimes while on my back they are pressing their legs against my arms, hell, even straddling and squeezing my arms. Is the extended light feather touching of my chest and nipples and just slightly under the towel a hint of anything? And if so, how to respond in the affirmative? Maybe it does take a couple of visits before they are comfortable with you, but I wonder in some cases if the teasing is just to keep you coming back on the "hope" of extras which never materialize.

Now one time at a different place which sucked, that place had thin walls and I could hear what was going on in the next room. The attendant went into the room but for some reason was busy? He said "but I wanted you! I will just come back later then! Then he directed her to massage his "lower body area". There has to be are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham kind of balance.

To let them know what you are looking for without practically abusing them. Sure wish the dummy that set up in residential areas had gotten his head out of his butt. There was no cause. To set up this kind of operation in a "commercial location" would have been stupid.

He was no "dummy. Incredible massage by Yuyu, lots of teasing. Went back later and had someone else. Completely mediocre massage, no teasing at all.

Even left the room so I could dry myself after table shower. Really hit or miss in that location. So here goes, please correct me if I screw up on anything. My first experience ever in a MP was here and I was unsure of what to expect or what I would actually end up receiving.

In the shower I tried to gently suggest again by starting myself but she just covered me up with a towel. So I knew, what I got was all I was going to get. Everything here was just meh, as I walked in girl got out of her car and walked in with me, she was the g.

I was the only person there besides her. The message was decent enough with no extras offered or hinted at. No teasing or playfulness at all. Had a great experience with a lovely girl here. Was very friendly and touchy from the get go. Uncovered shower, felt very comfortable with her and I could see she was a bit apprehensive to are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham but we finished and then went to the room for the message.

She gave a great message for one that was fully explorative. I started with subtle touches and she did not shy away. She was ok with me feeling my way around throughout the entire message. During the message she gave a few shutters to some of my touching and she got much more into it after that.

Afterwards helping to wipe the oil off she gave a few kisses, helped me dress with lots of touching and cupping. I reassured her she was great, and she gave me a kiss and cupped and she simply stated better and she rubbed a bit.

I got are there massage parlor that give women a happy ending Gresham hint. I will be sure to visit back here as this has quickly moved to the top of my list. If anyone has got suggestions of different places to visit let me know in a pm it would be greatly appreciated. Also thanks to all those who have posted already as picking up hints here or there has really helped alot. Thanks for the post, Sgt. So being on here and looking around I see that the Portland area pages are a little lacking in current updates and news.

Has anybody had success here!? She took me back to the room, had me take my clothes off while she put away the. She then told me that she was going to do the TS after the rub, and all I could think was "fuck". So the rub went down, Oregon. She got close to the goods, but never touched. I flipped, clearly hard, and she covered me up. I pulled it off and she giggled, so I thought I was getting somewhere.

I asked if I could touch her and she put my hand on her ass. She looked at my D and asked "you want? I asked "you want me to do it myself? So I started stroking myself to see if I could get her attention. She giggled more, but nothing.

I tried to slide my hand that was on her ass up her shirt, and nothing. I tried to gently push her hand down towards my D, and she grabbed my hand and put it back on her ass. She finished the rub, took me to the generic TS, and then asked if she could help get me dressed.

I said no, gave her. Please tell me somebody has had better luck here.