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Happy ending girl massage Raleigh, North Carolina

Jan 26, 2017  · North Carolina ; Raleigh ; Massage Parlor Reports ; Massage Parlor Reports there was a girl at VIP who has only.
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Happy ending girl massage Raleigh, North Carolina - real

Happy Endings North Carolina. Next time, I want to FS her. All North Carolina massage parlors. Fun at green spa in cary. The new girl got out the cover, and while she was getting that on me, the first lady sat on my face. Say her there last summer.

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Please us the "Report Post" link at the bottom of every post in the forum to advise me of any violations of this restriction. Subscribe to this Thread…. This forum thread is moderated by Admin. She gave off the bull dike feel. I ended up leaving there quickly to cut my losses and ending up going to see baby because little head was upset and in charge about that turned out far better than I expected. Will post that later. Originally Posted by Tooter.

Say her there last summer. Anyhow anyone seen her lately at her new place? Is Happy ending girl massage Raleigh still on the menu? Originally Posted by Ronnor. So, happy ending girl massage Raleigh, a few days ago, I found myself with some time and extra cash, so I headed up to VIP to see this new girl.

I got there and talked to the lady who runs the place about maybe getting a two girl massage. She recognized me from a couple trips in the last few months, and between that and the wad of cash I flashed when paying the house fee, she readily agreed. The new girl came in with a tight sexy dress with a low top and short skirt, North Carolina she took me for me table shower. She made sure everything was clean, checked to make sure I was cool, and took me back to the room.

The first lady had changed into sexier attire and met us there. As soon as the door closed, happy ending girl massage Raleigh, off came the dresses. The new girl got out the cover, and while she was getting that on me, the first lady sat on my face.

I was loving it, and it was actually my first threesome. After a few minutes, the new girl squatted on me and went for a ride. That was better than usual. I went face down, and the new girl even did some back walking, while the other one popped my neck good. After massaging happy ending girl massage Raleigh for a bit, they started running their fingertips around my back, butt and legs, and told me to flip.

I did, and the dresses dropped AGAIN. The first lady sat on my face again, while the new girl got out some baby oil and started cranking me good until I popped again, happy ending girl massage Raleigh. They then cleaned me up again, and they helped me dress. But, she was kinda directing the action, so I felt she earned it. Next time, Sexaual massage Portland, Oregon want to FS her.

Fun at green spa in cary, North Carolina. There was a woman on the phone in the door to the left in the lobby who shut it, and a somewhat older woman beckoned me to the back. I tell her medium but she winds up giving me a very light massage which was nice enough.

With some light teasing, happy ending girl massage Raleigh. The massage was done with no draping and was fun overall despite the fact she left at least three times to talk to other mongers. I did leave with my kinks worked out. This was my first time at this location and I liked it. Still a bit shy about visiting Cary AMPs in light of the past several months.

They know how to play a man for money or for things. The games everyone plays for temporary pleasure or the feeling they are in love. Sometimes life is better when simple and not knowing about every skirt walking by. Originally Posted by XHippie. My favorite one there was the first time I went but she left.

Not sure who is there now but it sounds like the staff has changed since my last visit. One of the biggest challenges these places face is figuring out what their menu is and more importantly keeping girls that agree to that menu.

I think Numi is in these early stages of finding their groove hence the high employee turnover. Nice store though they have potential. Originally Posted by DurhamBull. Sweet smart as a whip sexy girl who satisfies but will only see her regulars. So a weekend or two ago I had an itch to scratch so I decided to take a chance in Durham. Nice lobby no sign out front. They were able to accomodate me right away. The girl who took my money wound up being the girl to give me the massage cute face and bod.

Lots of interruptions when other mongers were coming to the susan song massage happy ending Springfield, Illinois. Regardless there was no teasing and the drape was basically on the whole time - even at time of the flip she re-adjusted.

I felt like the massage was pretty good, but I had hoped for some extras only to leave disappointed. Pretty good massage with very good ending. Went to one on creedmore road. Been ther couple times and never left unhappy. But this one was little bit special one. Asked if I was clean. I asked herto give me BBBJ and she agreed. She told me she will be North Carolina back and at the end I found out why she has to come back. She locked the door. She was the only one was working.

Her skill was ok and she let me roam everywhere. It was pretty good ending compare to all these other massage parlors. Well I had good time but I was short on cash I told her that I will give her more next time I come back.

She insisted that I can pay her with card but I declined, North Carolina. She want me to come back next time with cover. This is first time for me that someone really wanted to take me all the way. It was fun experience. That place is always good massage place and I will repeat for good massage anytime.

She asked if I knew her and I licensed craigslist massage therapist happy ending Cape Coral, Florida. She did not list her name or phone number on the advert.

She did provide an e-mail address which I did not jot down. Her photos showed a blonde, nice body, partial facial shot which looked nice. She is very UTR. Originally Posted by Sigurd. Can you North Carolina a first name or other info that will help us locate the ad?

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He states that she never needs to advertise, yet she has been on B. Every time I ever looked there doing just that. I simply replied no and got back a text filled with insults and swears, something is obviously wrong with her. As a "regular" at Numi, I am sorry to see they lost their only "good" provider.

Great massage and also a great attitude. I felt they had potential but now have lost my business. At least until things improve. You can hear other rooms going. Peep holes into the rooms and she was constantly looking at them. You can do better. Re: Cary CMT, girl next door. Pics are old and she does not answer when you get there. Has anyone seen this lass? I used to see her but gave up when I kept getting cancelled, usually whilst sitting outside. Long timer lurker but not on here much. Totally UTR and single mother in MBA school doing rubs PT.

She almost never needs to post ads and has solid following. Not FS but has had SDs from the sugar daddy sites. Link did not work for me.